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Four-column hydraulic press structure and use

by:WORLD     2022-10-06

Four-column hydraulic press structure and use

The four-column hydraulic press is an oil pump that delivers the hydraulic oil to the integrated cartridge valve block, and distributes the hydraulic oil to the upper chamber or the lower chamber of the cylinder through each one-way valve and relief valve, and makes the cylinder move under the effect of high-pressure oil. A hydraulic press is a device that uses a liquid to transmit pressure. Liquids obey Pascal's law when they transmit pressure in a closed container.


The four-column hydraulic press consists of two parts: the main engine and the control organization. The main part of the hydraulic press includes hydraulic cylinders,
Beams, columns and liquid filling equipment, etc. The power system consists of fuel tank, high pressure pump, control system, electric motor, pressure
valve, directional valve, etc.


The hydraulic press is suitable for the restriction process of plastic materials. Such as powder product molding, plastic product molding, cold (hot) kneading metal molding, sheet stretching, and horizontal pressing, bending, turning through, proofreading and other processes.

The four-column hydraulic press has an independent power organization and electrical system, and is centrally controlled by buttons, which can complete three operating methods: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic. This article is from the official website of the manufacturer WORLD Press Machine, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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