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Four-column hydraulic press maintenance knowledge

by:WORLD     2022-10-05
Once the four-column hydraulic press fails, it will not only delay the production progress, but also lead to production safety accidents; in order to ensure that the four-column hydraulic press is in the best operating condition from beginning to end, it must be repaired and maintained on time.

How is the four-column hydraulic press maintained? The experience summed up in the process of producing and developing four-column hydraulic presses by WORLD Press Machine is as follows:

Most of the equipment parts of the four-column hydraulic press are made of metal, which is not easy to be damaged (naturally, damage is unavoidable), and only a few vulnerable parts must be replaced before they can be used normally.

Very easily damaged accessories:

1. Vulcanized rubber parts. For example, after the hydraulic oil pipe is embrittled, oil leakage generally occurs.

2. Electrical components. For example, power switches, display lights, indicators, cables, etc. It is often used in the control box of the hydraulic pump of the four-column hydraulic press and is very easy to be damaged.

3. All kinds of seals. For example, O-rings in hydraulic cylinders are not visible from the outside, which generally indicates oil seepage.

4. Various gate valves and connectors. Such as hydraulic reversing valve, speed control valve, this product and propping valve. If there is a problem with the machinery and equipment, such as insufficient working pressure, fixed speed regulation, etc., this is generally a problem with this kind of gate valve.

5. Hydraulic tank filter and gear oil. After long-term use, there will be many residues that are harmful to the application, and must be replaced frequently.

Maintenance of four-column hydraulic press:

1. Keep the appearance of the four-column hydraulic press clean and always remove stains and dust.

2. Check whether the electrical components in the control box are damaged every day, sometimes open the control box to clean the dust, and check whether there is damage to the route and the connector.

3. If it is found that the four-column hydraulic oil cylinder seeps oil, replace the sealing and replace the connector.

4. If the four-column hydraulic press has a guide failure, replace the spare valve.

5. If the electric hydraulic pump in the control box fails, so that the four-column hydraulic press does not work, repair it immediately.

6. If the four-column hydraulic press is not used for a long time, apply anti-rust oil on the four-column.

7. Whether the hydraulic oil is discolored, if there is too much turbid garbage, replace it directly, and also replace the filter element including the fuel filler port of the fuel tank.

8. Tighten the screws and nuts once every 1-2 months to lubricate the connecting components and prevent corrosion of general components.

Usually maintenance must be carried out with the power turned off; if maintenance is necessary, please assign two people to work together as much as possible.

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