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Four-column hydraulic press hydraulic pump

by:WORLD     2022-10-16
Four-column hydraulic press hydraulic pump:

1. The hydraulic pump of the four-column hydraulic press can be installed with a support or a flange. The pump and the prime mover should adopt a common base support, and both the flange and the base should have sufficient rigidity. Special attention: Piston pumps with a flow rate greater than (or equal to) 160L/min should not be installed on the fuel tank.

2. An elastic coupling should be used to connect the hydraulic pump and the output shaft of the prime mover. It is strictly forbidden to install a pulley or gear on the hydraulic pump shaft to drive the hydraulic pump. If a pulley or gear must be used to connect the pump, a pair of The pulley or gear is installed with a support, and the coaxiality error between the support and the pump shaft should not be greater than Φ0.05mm.

3. The oil suction pipe should be as short, straight, large and thick as possible. Generally, the oil suction pipe should be equipped with a coarse filter whose nominal flow is not less than twice the pump flow (the filtration accuracy is generally 80-180μm). The oil drain pipe of the hydraulic pump should be directly connected to the oil tank, and the back pressure of the oil return should not be greater than 0.05MPa. The oil suction pipe port and the oil return pipe port of the oil pump must be below the minimum oil level of 200mm in the oil tank. Pay special attention to the fact that it is not allowed to install an oil filter on the oil suction pipe of the plunger pump. The diameter of the stop valve on the oil suction pipe should be one block larger than the diameter of the oil suction pipe. The oil suction pipe of the four-column hydraulic machine is L long.<2500mm, no more than two pipe elbows.

4. The inlet and outlet ports of the hydraulic pump should be firmly installed, and the sealing device should be reliable, otherwise it will cause air inhalation or oil leakage, which will affect the performance of the hydraulic pump.

5. The self-priming height of the hydraulic pump should not exceed 500mm (or the inlet vacuum should not exceed 0.03MPa). If the oil supply pump is used for oil supply, the oil supply pressure should not exceed 0.5MPa. When the oil supply pressure exceeds 0.5MPa, the pressure resistance should be used instead. sealing ring. For plunger pumps, the method of backfilling and self-priming should be used as much as possible.

6. Before installing the hydraulic pump, check whether the depth of the installation hole is greater than the shaft extension of the pump to prevent the phenomenon of top shaft, otherwise the pump will be burned. This article is from the official website of the manufacturer WORLD Press Machine, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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