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Four-column hydraulic press features

by:WORLD     2022-10-13
Four-column hydraulic press features

1. The four-column hydraulic press adopts a fast sub-cylinder hydraulic circuit, with low oil temperature, fast speed and stable operation;

2. The four-column hydraulic press adopts a four-column three-plate structure, the movable plate and the working table have high parallel precision, and the four-axis precision linear self-lubricating guide sleeve is controlled, and the vertical precision is high;

3. The four-column hydraulic press adopts imported high-quality hydraulic components and electrical components, with low noise, high performance and long service life;

4. The operation of the four-column hydraulic press is simple, and the pressure, stroke and closing height can be adjusted according to the requirements of the manufacturing process;

5. Two-hand control operation, with emergency stop and inching functions, infrared hand guard device, optional three-sided sealing cover is safe and efficient;

6. The height, stroke and work surface size of the four-column hydraulic press can be customized according to customer needs or non-standard designs such as top material and push material. Display, PLC human-machine interface, etc;

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