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Four-column hydraulic press electrical control system and operation mode

by:WORLD     2022-10-13
Four-column hydraulic press electrical control system and operation mode

electrical control system

1. Independent electrical cabinet, built-in air switch, relay and other electrical control systems.

2. Various alarm signals of the four-column hydraulic press, the limit switch and the action of the press realize program interlocking.

3. There is a centralized control panel, and the necessary operation buttons and selection switches are arranged on the panel.

Operation method

1. The four-column hydraulic press has jog and semi-automatic operation modes.

2. The stroke is adjusted by the stroke control device.

3. In addition to completing all the actions of the press, the buttons on the operating table should also have buttons such as 'press with both hands', 'return,' 'stop', and 'emergency stop'. This article comes from the hydraulic manufacturer WORLD Press Machine official website, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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