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Four-column hydraulic press adjustment failure solution

by:WORLD     2022-10-04
Four-column hydraulic press adjustment failure solution

1. The throttling valve core of the four-column hydraulic press is stuck due to burrs or the valve core is stuck due to the sharp edges of the valve body undercut groove and the burrs at the chamfers of the valve core. Because the force of the return spring cannot overcome the clamping force of the valve core, the valve core cannot be lifted up along with the upward movement of the adjusting rod. When the spool is stuck at the position of closing the valve port, there is no flow output and the actuator does not act; when the spool of the 630-ton hydraulic press is stuck at a certain opening position, only a small flow is output, and the actuator has only a certain speed.

2. Due to the dirt in the oil, the core is stuck or the throttling port is blocked. The oil is dirty, the working oil is aged, and the oil has not been finely filtered, so the polluted oil passes through the throttle valve, and the polluted particles wedge into the gap between the valve core and the valve body hole, and the same throttle failure phenomenon as the above occurs.

3. Due to the poor shape and position tolerance of the valve core and the valve hole, such as out-of-roundness and taper, the hydraulic pressure is clamped, resulting in the failure of throttling adjustment. At present, there is no pressure equalizing groove on the spool of the second type throttle valve, which is prone to hydraulic clamping.

4. The matching gap between the throttle valve spool and the valve hole is too large, causing large leakage. Solution: Grind the valve hole, and use a single valve core.

5. The gap between the throttle valve spool and the valve hole is too small or deformed and stuck. It should be cleaned and researched to ensure clearance.

6. The set screw of the adjusting handwheel is loose or loose, and the thread of the adjusting shaft is blocked by dirt. Treatment method: disassemble and clean, and tighten the set screws. This article comes from the hydraulic manufacturer WORLD Press Machine official website, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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