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Five advantages of press machine

by:WORLD     2022-12-03
Five advantages of press machine

1. Control advantage

The pressure loader controller is a fast data measurement controller independently developed on the basis of the industrial control computer, which can be well realized in the position control: the pressure is applied to the product at a relatively slow and stable speed, and each control The number of turns in the motor is fixed and its repeatability remains the same. After eliminating the transmission error, in the pressure control: with pressure measurement and control as the load sensing of the feedback element, the device can effectively control the pressure at a speed of 1200 times per second, ensuring that the pressure is within the range of error less than 1%;

2. Advantages of online monitoring function

The pressing machine can judge the pressure and displacement of the stamping parts online. The pressure at any position or the position under any pressure can be judged effectively, which can meet the product pressing design indicators, effectively optimize the pressing process, and provide a basis for the design. Software-controlled multi-stage, multi-mode composite pressing.

3. Multifunctional advantages

The press-fitting machine is programmed and controlled during the production and manufacturing process, and can be pressed for different press-fitting processes multiple times. This is an action process that other hydraulic presses cannot complete. The press-fitting machine truly realizes one machine for multiple purposes, reducing the production line overhead and land occupation. area. The press machine simplifies the production line, reduces costs, effectively controls product quality, and saves labor costs;

Fourth, the establishment of product logo information advantages

By scanning product labels, a parameter database of important links of the product can be established, the quantity of products in each factory can be checked, and data tracking can be carried out on the basis of massive data management of industrial computers;

5. Energy saving advantages

The energy-saving effect of the press machine is obvious. Since the motor is used as the power source, the torque can be output according to the load during use. During the idle-stroke reactive power return process, the power loss of the motor is very small, and the power output of the motor is output on demand. Compared with the energy-saving effect of the pneumatic press, its energy-saving effect is very obvious, the economy is good, and the energy-saving rate is about 80%. This article is from the official website of the manufacturer WORLD Press Machine, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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