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Features of the press

by:WORLD     2022-11-02
Features of the press

Precision CNC presses are referred to as presses and electronic presses. The working principle is that the motor drives high-precision ball screws to perform precision pressure assembly operations. Compared with conventional AC asynchronous motor-driven mechanical presses, AC presses have the following characteristics:

1. Versatility and flexibility

Due to its function, the slider motion curve is no longer just a sine curve, but an arbitrary curve that can be optimally designed according to process requirements. For example, characteristic curves suitable for processes such as punching, deep drawing, embossing, bending, and different materials can be pre-stored in the controller, and different curves can be called for different processes and materials when used. This greatly improves the processing performance of the press and expands the processing range, and its processing performance is the same as that of the hydraulic press.

2. Ultra-high precision

Because the linear grating ruler is used to control the position of the sliding block in a fully closed loop, the sliding block has high motion control accuracy in the whole working process of the hydraulic press. Near the bottom dead center, even if there is an eccentric load, the accuracy of the slider can be changed at the micron level, thus ensuring the stable accuracy of the closing height of the press during the production process, suppressing the appearance of product burrs, and preventing bad product input.

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