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Failure analysis of filter of four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-10-03
The function of the four-column hydraulic press filter is to filter out impurities mixed in the hydraulic oil, reduce the pollution of the oil in the system, and ensure the normal operation of the four-column hydraulic press. The failure caused by the filter of the four-column hydraulic press is mainly manifested in the poor filtering effect and the failure to ensure that the oil is clean.

1. How to prevent the damage and deformation of the filter element?

The reasons for the damage and deformation of the filter element are: blockage of the filter element and wrong selection. Remedy: Check and clean the oil filter in a timely and regular manner; the four-column hydraulic press correctly selects the filter that meets the requirements of pressure resistance, strength and flow capacity, and takes corresponding countermeasures for various special reasons.

2. How to prevent the filter from desoldering?

For the metal mesh filter, when the ambient temperature is high, the local oil temperature at the filter of the four-column hydraulic press is high, exceeding or close to the melting point of the welding point, plus the original welding is not strong, the impact of the oil will cause desoldering, For example, the mesh filter at the inlet of the high-pressure plunger pump has been changed to silver solder many times, and their melting point has been greatly improved.

3. How to prevent the filter from dropping particles?

The four-column hydraulic press mostly refers to the metal powder sintered filter. After the falling particles enter the system, the orifice will be blocked and the valve core will be stuck. The reason is that the quality of the sintered powder filter element is not good, so the sintered oil filter that has passed the inspection should be selected.

4. How to prevent the filter from clogging?

Generally, during the working process of the filter, the surface of the filter element will gradually heal, and it is normal to cause blockage. The blockage mentioned here refers to the serious blockage caused by the failure of the four-column hydraulic press. After the filter is blocked, it will at least cause poor pump oil and pump production. Noise, the system cannot absorb enough oil but the pressure cannot go up, a large number of air bubbles appear in the oil, and the filter element is blocked due to the pressure increase, which may cause the breakdown of the four-column hydraulic press.

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