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Does WORLD provide OEM service?
Yes, WORLD offers OEM service to customers all over the world. OEM only requires the manufacturers to process the products. This business doesn't involve design, independent development, and other personalized needs. As a manufacturer specialized in the production of press brake suppliers , we are equipped with updated technology and have introduced complete advanced production lines to achieve high-precision production process and quality-guaranteed results. Customers are guaranteed to get cost-effective OEMed products. Also, during the cooperation process with customers, we can learn advanced techniques and up-to-date ideas of the industry, which in turn, is beneficial to us.

The WORLD brand is now leading the mechanical power press machine industry. Shanghai Yingxin World Machinery Co., Ltd. has created a number of successful series, and c frame press is one of them. WORLD hydraulic sheet bending machine has to undergo electrical safety testing. These tests cover CE Marking (Europe), NRTL Testing & Certification (US), SCC Testing and Certification (Canada), and CB Scheme (accessing over 50 Countries). The product will stop immediately once it is overload than 110% to protect both the press and the die. The design and craftsmanship ensure this product is long lasting as well as original and beautiful. And it is soft, very durable, and naturally antimicrobial. Its PLC control system can be a Panasonic or Mitsubishi brand.

While Yingxin is striving to become the world's leading hydraulic shearing machine supplier, we are able to do our best. Contact us!
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