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Does the foundation of the four-column hydraulic press have to be done?

by:WORLD     2022-10-22

The four-column hydraulic press is a three-beam four-column structure. Its biggest advantage is its good stability. The tonnage ranges from 100 to 2000 tons, which can be customized according to the specific situation of the user. The equipment covers a small area, but the height is relatively high, and the production process will shake. If the foundation is not stabilized, it will affect the performance of the equipment. Let us briefly introduce the foundation of the four-column hydraulic press. Do you have to do it?

There are two types of four-column hydraulic presses produced by us, one is upper pressure type and the other is double-sided pressure. The upper-pressed block or brick-producing platform is high, and a relatively deep pit needs to be dug down, while the two-way pressurized block-producing platform is much lower, and it needs to be dug down 2500mm. The bottom part of the pit is 400mm deep Panax notoginseng lime soil, and the upper part is 1500mm high reinforced concrete pouring. The threaded steel mesh larger than 16 should be used to ensure the strength of the foundation. At the same time, the embedded parts should be connected with the steel mesh as much as possible. After the equipment is delivered, the foot pads shall be welded firmly on the embedded parts, and then the four-column hydraulic press shall be fixed with the foot bolts.

After the main engine of the four-column hydraulic press is fixed, the pump station, control cabinet and other auxiliary machines need to be placed on the ground, and the floor needs to be 150-200mm thick. For safety reasons, railings or cover plates need to be added around the pit.

The four-column hydraulic press foundation has to be shared here. The four-column hydraulic press foundation needs to be treated in advance, and the equipment can be installed after the concrete is solidified. Our company will usually send professional installers to your company to guide you to do the basics, install and debug equipment.

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