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Digital Press-Fitting Expert - Presses

by:WORLD     2022-09-15
Digital Press-Fitting Expert - Presses

Press operation is a common assembly process method in mechanical engineering. Unlike traditional hydraulic presses and gas-liquid boosters, WORLD Press Machine presses use electric technology and are not maintained by hydraulic components (cylinders, pumps, valves or hydraulic presses). Compared with traditional hydraulic presses, it saves 80% of the cost compared to traditional hydraulic presses; the press-fitting results of the presses can be traced; the service life is more than 12 million times; the design of high precision, standardization and modularization , easy maintenance, reliable configuration, mature assembly process, can quickly respond to different pressing needs.

Digital Press-Fitting Expert - Presses

1. Control technology. High precision, energy saving and environmental protection.

Pressure control accuracy<1%, displacement control accuracy<0.01MM.

2. Real-time monitoring of pressure-stroke. The press-fitting process data is completely collected.

3. Strong rigidity, multi-part sequential assembly.

4. A variety of pressing modes. Force, displacement control. Data Connections.

5. Standardized and modular design. Single machine, semi-automatic, fully automatic, intelligent assembly line.

6. Automatically judge the pressing result. Assembly and inspection are integrated to ensure product quality.

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