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Difference between Power Press and Hydraulic Press

Difference between Power Press and Hydraulic Press


A press machine is a tool that changes the shape of different materials by pressing the pressure. It represents a tool that is essential in the performance of manufacturing processes. These machines vary in size and the amount of force. Press machines are also used in metal extrusion and metal fabrication processes. A press machine can be classified according to:

  • Mechanism: hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic.

  • Structure: screw press

  • Function: forging press, press brakes, punch press.

There are many types of press machines, but the main types are power press and hydraulic press.

We will highlight the main difference between hydraulic and power presses and their function and application areas. Although all the mechanism of the press machines is the same, it is important to understand the difference between hydraulic and power press.

Hydraulic press:

Hydraulic is a machine used by hydraulic cylinders to generate compression force. They drive the energy through the hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic press machine works over a long distance.  It works on the principle of Pascal's law, which states that when pressure is applied to a small fluid, pressure change happens to all the fluid. It is used for lifting heavyweight with the application of slight pressure.  

Hydraulic press

Working principle of Hydraulic press:

It works on simple principles. Hydraulic press machine consists of a piston, a cylinder, and a power unit. The hydraulic power pump moves the piston to increase the liquid pressure, and then the hydraulic cylinder moves along the axis of the piston. This mechanism generates a linear momentum force which forces ram on the work piece.

The pressure generated by the hydraulic machine depends on the working pressure and cylinder diameter. The power unit\pump also plays an important role in maintaining and determining the ram.

Power press:

Power press is a type of press machine used to cut, punch and blend any metal material into the required shape. The energy in the power press comes from the motor of the system. It encompasses a wide range of different machine types. The power press machine transfers the rotational force into the translation force. These types of pressers are higher in speed. The correct range of the stroke is very important in the power press while manufacturing. 

Power press

Working principle of Power press:

Power press generates its power mechanically. The main principle of the power press is that its motor drives the flywheel, and the clutch drives the gears. As the motor is the main system of the power press machine, the flywheel converts the kinetic energy to the power press machine. The bigger the mass of the flywheel, the bigger will be the level of kinetic energy.

All the components of the power press are connected so that it can produce high speed and productivity. But due to this, the applications of the power press are limited.

Difference between Power press and Hydraulic Press:

  • Pressure: Hydraulic press machines have static pressure, which can be slow down while the pressure in the power press is rapid downward.

  • Speed control: Power press machines are rigid, and these machines' speed is uncontrollable. While in a hydraulic press, their pressure is changeable.

  • Low elongation pressure: The power press is best for small jewelry due to low elongation pressure and high efficiency.

Difference in function:

The difference in the function of hydraulic press and power press is:

     Hydraulic press machine             Power press machine        
  • Forging

  • Forming

  • Bending

  • Punching

  • Cutting

  • Punching

  • Foaming

  • Deep drawing

Difference in application areas:

Apart from the difference in the function of both machines, it has also the difference in its application which is given below:

  • Power press is mostly used to form hard parts of different machinery such as electronics, furniture, transportation household appliance, and many more.

  • The hydraulic press machine is mostly used in various industries. These are used for shoemaking, handbag, bushing part pressing, calibrating. The hydraulic press machine is also used in electric motors, automatic motors, micro-motors, air conditioning motors, and servo motors.


Advantages and disadvantages of Hydraulic Press:

Advantages of hydraulic press machine are as follows:

  • Flexible in operation: Hydraulic press machine is more flexible in operation. As sliding length in this machine can be changed because its stroke length is variable. It can also control the sliding movement and position.

  • Low maintenance cost: Hydraulic press is cheaper than power press.

  • Maximum pressure: In a hydraulic press machine, maximum pressure can be generated, allowing more operation.

Disadvantages of hydraulic press are as follows:

  • Low hydraulic power: The production cost of hydraulic power is low, reducing the output and accuracy.

  • Hydraulic oil leakage: The most common disadvantage of the hydraulic press machine is hydraulic oil leakage.

Advantage and disadvantages of Power press:

Advantages of the Power press are:

  • Simple in operation: The components of the Power press are interrelated to each other. Due to this, the power press is simple in operation requirements, and its operating cost is also lower.

  • High-speed machine: A power press machine is a high-speed machine with more production due to its speed.

  • No leakage:  It does not contain hydraulic oil, so there is no leakage issue in the power press machine.

Disadvantages of power press are as follows:

  • Limitation of fixed stroke: The components of the power press are interconnected with each other, and it caused the limitation of fixed stroke. It is not perfect for those applications which require variable stroke length.

  • High maintenance cost: The components of the power press are very expensive.

Final thoughts:

Hydraulic and power press machines have the same working principle but different characteristics. Both press machines have their advantages and disadvantage, and they vary in function. These press machines have a wide range of applications in industries.

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