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Did you know these advantages of the new drive hydraulic press?

by:WORLD     2022-09-14
Did you know these advantages of the new drive hydraulic press?

The hydraulic system of the new hydraulic press is an energy-saving and high-efficiency hydraulic press that uses a motor to drive the main transmission oil pump, reduces the control valve circuit, and controls the slider of the hydraulic press. Pressure sensor, pipeline and other components, suitable for stamping, die forging, press fitting, straightening, etc. Compared with the traditional hydraulic press, the maintenance of the new hydraulic press is more convenient. This is because the proportional hydraulic valve, the speed regulating circuit and the pressure regulating circuit in the hydraulic system are cancelled, and the hydraulic system is greatly simplified. Therefore, the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil is far from required. It is much smaller than the hydraulic proportional system, which reduces the impact of hydraulic oil pollution on the system. In addition, what advantages does the new hydraulic press have?

1. High efficiency: Through proper acceleration and deceleration control and energy optimization, the speed of controlling the hydraulic press can be greatly improved, and the working cycle is several times higher than that of the traditional hydraulic press, which can reach 10/min ~ 15/min;

2. High degree of automation, good flexibility and high precision: The pressure, speed and position of the driving hydraulic press are fully closed-loop digital control, with high degree of automation and good precision. In addition, its pressure and speed are programmable to meet various technological needs, and remote automatic control can also be realized;

3. Energy saving: Compared with ordinary hydraulic presses, the hydraulic press does not contain proportional valve or proportional pump in the overall control of the system. The service-driven hydraulic press has the advantages of energy saving, low noise, small temperature rise, good flexibility, high efficiency, and convenient maintenance. Some of the most common hydraulic presses have broad market prospects. Compared with the traditional hydraulic press, the energy saving effect is remarkable. According to the different processing technology and production rhythm, the driving hydraulic press can save 30% to 70% of electricity compared with the traditional hydraulic press;

4. Less heat generation and cost reduction: Because the hydraulic system of the driving hydraulic press has no overflow and heat generation, and there is no flow when the slider is stationary, there is no hydraulic resistance to generate heat. The heat generation of the hydraulic system is generally 10% to 30% of that of the traditional hydraulic press. Due to the low calorific value of the system, most of the driving hydraulic presses may not be equipped with a hydraulic oil cooling system, and some of the larger calorific value can be equipped with a low-power cooling system. Due to the characteristics of zero speed and low heat generation of the pump most of the time, the oil tank for controlling the hydraulic press can be smaller than the traditional hydraulic oil tank, and the oil change time can be extended, so the hydraulic oil consumed by the driving hydraulic press is generally only about 50% of the traditional hydraulic press;

5. Low noise: Internal gear pumps or high-performance vane pumps are generally used to drive hydraulic oil pumps. Traditional hydraulic presses generally use axial piston pumps. Under the same flow and pressure, the noise of internal gear pumps or vane pumps is higher than that of axial columns. The plug pump is 5dB to 10dB lower. The motor runs at the rated speed when the hydraulic press is pressed and returned, and its emission noise is 5dB to 10dB lower than that of the traditional hydraulic press. When the sliding block is falling rapidly and the sliding block is stationary, the motor speed is 0, so the driving hydraulic press has basically no noise emission. In the pressure holding stage, due to the low speed of the motor, the noise of the hydraulic press is generally less than 70dB, while the noise of the traditional hydraulic press is 83dB to 90dB. After testing and calculation, under normal working conditions, the noise generated by 10 hydraulic presses is lower than that generated by a common hydraulic press with the same specifications.

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