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Detailed description of bending coefficient of CNC bending machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-24

Do you know the bending coefficient of CNC bending machine? By looking up some information, world press machine has concluded a few points for your reference. Through the introduction below, I hope that you can have a very clear understanding of the bending coefficient of CNC bending machines, just like professionals.

Introduction of bending coefficient of CNC bending machine:

1. The algorithm of the bending coefficient is usually calculated by 90-degree bending, and the detailed data depends on the bending machine slot and the applied sheet metal material

2. The bending coefficient includes two definitions (bending deduction ΔΚ, bending coefficient ΔΤ), that is, two algorithms, but no matter which algorithm is used, the final expansion value is the same

3. The specific algorithm is: the bending deduction ΔΚ is equal to the addition of the outer profile size minus the unfolded length L; the bending coefficient ΔΤ is equal to the unfolded length L minus the sum of the inner profile size. That is to say, the shape of the bending machine is L-shaped, and the dimensions of the two outer files are A and B. The inner file size is a and b. The length is L and the material thickness is T: ΔΚ=A+B-L; ΔΤ=L-(a+b ) to push out ΔΚ=2T-ΔΤ

The bending force of the work must not be greater than the maximum nominal force of the machine design.

In order to make the mold durable, machine damage caused by improper use of the width of the bending sheet should be avoided. Especially when bending narrow sheets, the working pressure of the machine should be appropriately reduced, and it is necessary to ensure that the load of the folding sheet does not exceed 100KN per 1000mm of length.

Initially adjust the gap between the upper and lower molds according to the thickness of the sheet to be bent, and the gap can be 1mm larger than the thickness of the plate, so that the mold will not be crushed without a gap. (Very important)

The bending sheet of the CNC bending machine should be in the middle of the machine. Generally, it should not be eccentrically loaded. At the same time, the machine should not be loaded on one side, so as not to affect the accuracy of the workpiece and the machine! If some workpieces really need to work on one side, the overload should not be greater than 1/4 of the nominal force, and the two sides must be folded to solve the problem of unilateral load. (Very important)

Fill the oil tank with No. 46 high-temperature and wear-resistant hydraulic oil. In the first use, the first month must be exchanged, and no more than once a year in the future. The normal working oil temperature is 15°C-60°C, and the No. 2 mesh oil filter at the oil suction port should be cleaned frequently to keep the oil suction smooth, otherwise the oil pump will be sucked and the pipeline will vibrate.

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