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Design features of rotary hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-08-28

Design features of rotary hydraulic press:

The turntable hydraulic press is also called a multi-station hydraulic press, which is usually four-station, eight-station, and twelve-station. In the production process, it can improve work efficiency and use it more safely. WORLD Press Machine Shanghai WORLD Press Machine has sorted out the following features of the rotary table hydraulic press for you:

1. The C-type body design adopts the die-casting open structure, which can keep the body high-strength rigidity and have a convenient operating space.

2. The design of the multi-station turntable saves the waiting time for clamping products and greatly improves the production efficiency.

3. The bottom dead center of the mechanical limit is accurate, the pressure can be adjusted, the vertical precision is high, the turntable response is fast, and the buffer is attached to reduce its impact, and there is no displacement during operation.

4. Comprehensive safety design, PLC control, push-down timing, counting, convenient and fast operation.

The rotary table hydraulic press is widely used in the pressing, forming, edge punching, bending, punching, embossing, calibration, etc. of hardware and plastic parts. Automatic devices such as robotic arm loading and unloading can also be installed according to customer requirements. The advantages of high quality, high efficiency, time saving and labor saving are the preferred automation equipment for various industries.

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