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Design characteristics of four-column hydraulic press for cattle and sheep licking brick forming

by:WORLD     2022-09-01
The four-column hydraulic press for licking bricks for cattle and sheep is a scientific formula to process the mineral elements, vitamins and other trace elements and nutrients required by large livestock such as cattle and sheep into blocks, cakes and other special shapes for cattle and sheep to lick. A kind of feed, its shapes are different, some are cylindrical, some are rectangular, square. The four-column hydraulic press for forming cattle and sheep licking bricks is also called cattle and sheep salt licking brick machine. Pressing.


1. Adopt hydraulic transmission, highly professional integrated valve block, large flow diameter, so that the system pressure loss is less and the sealing performance is good.

2. The use of cartridge valve, electro-hydraulic proportional valve and unique oil circuit design make the hydraulic system perfect. Even if it works under long-term heavy load, the system will not be overwhelmed.

3. The system is designed with a preload relief device, which completely eliminates the hydraulic shock. Advanced fast device to ensure your shift output.

4. The electrical part adopts imported PLC automatic control system, which has strong anti-interference ability and low failure rate.

5. With strong pressure, precise positioning and perfect action combination.

6. The machine has low failure rate, low calorific value, high productivity, power saving and durability.

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