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Design and application of beam structure of four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-10-09
WORLD Press Machine mechanical hydraulic press manufacturer specializing in the production of four-column hydraulic press, single-column hydraulic press, bow hydraulic press, C-type hydraulic press, turntable hydraulic press, sliding table hydraulic press, single-arm hydraulic press, press, small hydraulic press, multi-station hydraulic press, 100-ton hydraulic press, 80 ton hydraulic press, 200 ton hydraulic press, 300 ton hydraulic press and other mechanical equipment. The hydraulic press knowledge shared by Shanghai WORLD Press Machine today is to know what problems of hydraulic press manufacturers and how to choose equipment when purchasing a hydraulic press.

Now I know the structural design method of the four-column hydraulic press. According to the different conditions of the load, the three beams are statically understood by the finite element software, and the corresponding voltage-strain distribution law is obtained. In order to save materials, reduce weight, and improve stress distribution, the proposed Improvement schemes, modal understanding of main structures and additional understanding and verification of rational design rationale, most of the current design hydraulic presses use material mechanics understanding.

Then choose the safety factor to verify the stress method of the four-column hydraulic press, rely too much on the experience of the designer, the limit state design method is based on reliability theory and mathematical statistics probability theory, and understand the limit state of several structures, from empirical design to quantitative understanding, This is an important attempt in the design method of metal structures, and now the principle of the limit state design method and its practical design on cranes, building structures and ships are studied, and a practical structural design method is established with reference to the relevant design standards in the world. Four-column Hydraulic press, for the boundary state design theory, understand the structural design of the main components of the hydraulic press.

Therefore, the finite element understanding of the hydraulic press of the main structural components is carried out as a result of the calculation, and the model of the structure of the upper and lower beams is optimized, and the attempts to design the structure of the hydraulic press by the limit state design method are still relatively few and require a lot of basic work. , Four-column hydraulic press has many advantages, but hydraulic system four-column hydraulic press is more prone to failure, how to maximize performance and improve productivity has become the primary task of equipment engineering and technical personnel.

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