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Daily maintenance methods and related knowledge of bending machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-18

As the name implies, a bending machine is a machine with a bending function, and its application in the industrial field is more common. So do you know what are the maintenance and maintenance methods of the bending machine? What do you know about the safe operation of bending machines? Let's take a look at the world press machine below. The following is an introduction to 'daily maintenance methods and related knowledge of bending machines'.

【Method of maintenance and repair of bending machine】

The bending machine is divided into manual bending machine, hydraulic bending machine and CNC bending machine. Hydraulic bending machine can be divided into: torsion shaft synchronization, machine-hydraulic synchronization, and electro-hydraulic synchronization according to the synchronization method. Hydraulic bending machine can be divided into: up-moving type and down-moving type according to the movement mode.

Before maintenance or cleaning of the bending machine, the upper die should be aligned with the lower die and then put on the machine until the work is completed. If you need to start the machine or other operations, you should select the manual mode and ensure safety. Its maintenance content is as follows:

1. Hydraulic oil circuit

a. Check the oil level of the fuel tank every week. If the hydraulic system is repaired, it should also be checked. The oil level should be filled with hydraulic oil if the oil level is lower than the oil window;

b. The hydraulic oil used in this machine is ISOHM46 or MOBILDTE25;

c. The oil should be changed after the new machine works for 2000 hours, the oil should be changed after every 4000-6000 hours of operation, and the oil tank should be cleaned every time the oil is changed;

d. The oil temperature of the system should be between 35°C and 60°C, and should not exceed 70°C. If it is too high, the oil quality and accessories will be deteriorated and damaged.

2. Filter

a. Every time the oil is changed, the filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned;

b. The machine tool has related alarms or the oil quality is not clean and other filters are abnormal and should be replaced;

c. The air filter on the fuel tank shall be inspected and cleaned every 3 months and replaced every 1 year.

3. Hydraulic components

a. Clean hydraulic components (substrates, valves, motors, pumps, oil pipes, etc.) monthly to prevent dirt from entering the system, and do not use detergents;

b. After the new machine is used for one month, check whether the bending of each oil pipe is deformed. If there is any abnormality, it should be replaced. After two months of use, the connections of all accessories should be tightened. When this work is performed, the system should be turned off. pressure.

[Publication of safety knowledge about bending machines]

1. Strictly abide by the safety operation rules of machine tool workers, and wear labor protection equipment as required;

2. Before starting, carefully check whether the motor, switch, circuit and grounding are normal and firm, and check that the operating parts and buttons of the equipment are in the correct position;

3. Check the coincidence and firmness of the upper and lower molds; check whether each positioning device meets the requirements of being processed;

4. When the upper slide plate and each positioning axis are not at the origin, run the back-to-origin program;

5. After the equipment is started, it should run idly for 1-2 minutes, and the upper sliding plate will move 2-3 times in full stroke. If there is any abnormal sound or fault, it should be stopped immediately, the fault should be eliminated, and it can work only after everything is normal;

6. The work should be under the unified command of one person, so that the operator closely cooperates with the feeding and pressing personnel to ensure that the cooperating personnel are all in a safe position to issue the bending signal;

7. The sheet must be compacted when bending, to prevent the sheet from lifting and hurting people during bending;

8. The power supply must be cut off when the plate material is pressed, and the operation must be stopped;

9. When changing the opening of the variable lower die, no material is allowed to come into contact with the lower die;

10. When the machine tool is working, no one is allowed to stand behind the machine tool;

11. It is strictly forbidden to fold the sheet at one end alone;

12. If the workpiece or mold is found to be incorrect during operation, it should be stopped for correction. It is strictly forbidden to correct by hand during operation to prevent hand injury;

13. It is forbidden to fold super-thick iron plates or quenched steel plates, alloy steels, square steels and plates that exceed the performance of the plate bending machine, so as not to damage the machine tool;

14. Regularly check the coincidence of the upper and lower molds; whether the indication of the pressure gauge meets the regulations;

15. Immediately shut down when an abnormality occurs, check the cause and eliminate it in time;

16. Before shutting down, place a wooden block on the lower die below the oil cylinders on both sides and lower the upper slide plate to the wooden block;

17. Exit the control system program first, and then cut off the power supply.

The above introductions on 'Methods of Maintenance and Repair of Press Brakes' and 'Publication of Safety Knowledge About Press Brakes' hope to help you understand 'the daily maintenance methods and related knowledge of press brakes'.

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