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Common problems in the use of hydraulic presses

by:WORLD     2022-11-30
Common problems in the use of hydraulic presses

The hydraulic press is a new type of hydraulic press with a motor and an oil pump. The product structure is the same as that of the ordinary hydraulic press, but the hydraulic press has higher repeatability than the conventional hydraulic press. No matter how good the equipment is, there will be some problems during use. The following WORLD Press Machine Machinery lists a few frequently asked questions for you:

1. Bolt connection

The bolt connection is the basic equipment in the hydraulic press, but when the operation is improper and the connection is too tight, the bolt may show metal fatigue due to the long-term effect of electromagnetic force and mechanical force, so as to induce shearing, thread sliding and other components and equipment. Loose phenomenon, bury the hidden trouble. For the bolt connection used for conducting current in electrical engineering, it is necessary to master the mechanical effect and electrothermal effect between bolts and nuts, and compact and compress to prevent the increase of touch resistance due to loose crimping, which will cause heat and touch. A series of chain reactions, such as surface oxidation and resistance increase, lead to overheating and melting of the connection, resulting in a short circuit to ground and disconnection.

2. Oscillation

1. The pump is mainly formed by the influence of factors such as large bearing clearance, poor concentricity between the rotor and the casing, or excessive friction between the rotor and the stator.

2. The causes of the motor include large bearing clearance, unbalanced rotor or uneven air gap with the stator.

3. Equipment operation, if the process operation parameters violate too many additional parameters, it is easy to cause the imbalance of pump operation stability, such as the sensation caused by the unstable flow control of the outlet valve, etc., which requires the equipment and equipment technology to be as close to the additional parameters as possible. to operate.

3. Overcurrent

There may be three reasons for this situation: the pump bearing is damaged and there are foreign objects inside the equipment; the motor overload current setting is too low, the line resistance is too high, etc.; the medium used in the process operation exceeds the design capacity of the pump due to its high density or high viscosity.

4. Electrical equipment

1. Improper operation of the barrier switch equipment leads to the lack of touch pressure and touch area of ​​the moving and static contacts, resulting in electrothermal oxidation and increased resistance on the touch surface, and contact ablation becomes an accident.

2. The arc contact finger and contact equipment of the circuit breaker are incorrect, and the piercing process, touch pressure, synchronicity, and opening and closing speed cannot meet the requirements, which will cause the contacts to overheat and prolong the arc extinguishing time, resulting in the differentiation of the insulating medium. The pressure surged, causing the circuit breaker to explode.

3. There is an error in the pressure regulating equipment or the equipment falls into the debris and jams the organization. If it is not dealt with in time, there will be incidents of varying degrees.

4. The main transformer insulation is damaged or broken down. When the main transformer hanging core and high-voltage pipe equipment fall into the nut and other sundries, and the sealing equipment has errors, it will directly affect the change of the main transformer insulation strength.

5. The primary winding of the current transformer is opened due to the careless maintenance of the equipment, and a high overvoltage will occur, endangering the person and the equipment.

Once the cause of the device problem is found, we can take appropriate action to resolve it. The content is for your reference only! If you want to know more about the hydraulic press, please pay attention to the website of the WORLD Press Machine mechanical hydraulic press manufacturer, we will update it regularly; if you want to consult the price of the hydraulic press, welcome to consult!

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