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Common inspection methods for hydraulic press failures

by:WORLD     2022-09-07

During the maintenance of hydraulic presses, some relatively practical diagnostic methods are used to diagnose the faults of hydraulic presses, which can speed up the maintenance time, quickly find the faulty parts, and save time and effort.

The first is the replacement method: replace (exchange) the same components on the hydraulic press of the same type, structure and principle in the same position, which can quickly confirm whether the replaced components are faulty and reliable. The advantage of this method is that even if the technical level of the repair personnel is low, this method can be applied quickly to make correct judgments and treatments for the failure of the hydraulic press. However, the use of this method must be based on the same type, the same structure, the same hydraulic principle and the same hydraulic components, so this method has great limitations and certain blindness.

The second auxiliary method: Diagnose whether the hydraulic components of the hydraulic pressure are faulty with the help of simple auxiliary parts.

1. Blocking the oil ports, such as blocking the oil ports of the hydraulic valve components and the oil cylinder oil ports, can diagnose whether these hydraulic components are leaking.

2. Artificial commutation method
Use the ejector rod to reverse the direction of the hydraulic valve element, which can diagnose whether the reversing valve has faults such as stuck, the valve core is not in place, etc. This method can diagnose whether the hydraulic components are faulty without disassembling the components, avoid excessive disassembly workload, reduce fault diagnosis time, and facilitate rapid diagnosis, especially for large oil cylinder seals and other faults. good usability.

The third empirical method: The maintenance personnel understand the structure and working principle of each hydraulic component through the hydraulic system theory of the hydraulic press, and on the basis of rich practical experience, conduct a comprehensive analysis of the faults caused by the hydraulic press, and quickly make a correct diagnosis. . To sum up, the general failure parts of hydraulic presses and their causes can be roughly divided into the following five aspects.

(1) Improper adjustment of hydraulic components, such as errors caused by pressure and flow adjustment of hydraulic pumps, oil motors, sequence valves, directional valves, relief valves, unloading valves, and balance valves;

(2) Damage to the sealing element or impurities make the hydraulic element unable to work normally;

(3) The hydraulic components are worn or damaged, such as valve components sealing failure, spring failure, too large or too small clearance, etc.;

(4) Failure of the electrical control mechanism of the hydraulic machine, such as: failure of the relay, poor or damaged button contact, incorrect installation of the electromagnet, wrong connection of the motor phase line, etc., which cause the hydraulic components to malfunction or program errors;

(5) The auxiliary mechanism fails, such as: improper adjustment or damage of the limit switch position, damage to the pressure gauge, damage to the pressure relay, too large or too small filter mesh of the fuel tank, etc.

The fourth sense method is the most widely used method for diagnosing hydraulic press failures.

'Ask': By asking the operator of the hydraulic press to understand the failure phenomenon, it is helpful for the repair personnel to diagnose and analyze the failure.

'Look': By observing the working condition of the hydraulic press, observing the pressure gauge, pressure relay, position sensor, etc., it can be judged whether a certain hydraulic component is reliable or has a fault.

'Listen': By listening to whether the sound of the hydraulic system and components is abnormal when the hydraulic press is working, judge whether the relevant hydraulic components are working normally, such as whether the vibration and noise of the hydraulic system are too large when the cylinder is unloaded; when the reversing valve changes direction , whether the impact is too large; when the oil pump is running, whether the sound is normal;

'Touch': Through touch, it is also helpful to diagnose whether components and systems are working properly.

Although there are many methods for diagnosing hydraulic press faults, a certain diagnostic method is also relatively insufficient. Therefore, when using these methods, the hydraulic press fault breaking technology should be comprehensively applied, and at the same time, with the help of scientific instruments, this can be scientific, accurate and economical. Find the faulty part of the hydraulic press quickly and quickly, and make the hydraulic press work normally as soon as possible.

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