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Common faults of four-column hydraulic press axial piston pump and their elimination

by:WORLD     2022-10-04
Common faults of four-column hydraulic press axial piston pump and their elimination

1. Insufficient fuel supply and low pressure

Cause analysis: The contact surface of the oil distribution plate and the cylinder block is severely worn, the handcrafted mating surface of the plunger and the main plug hole of the cylinder block is worn, the pump or system has serious internal leakage, and the spring of the control variable mechanism is not adjusted properly.

Remedy: Repair or replace worn parts, tighten each pipe joint and joint, and adjust the spring of the variable mechanism.

2. The pump does not pump oil

Reason analysis: The central spring of the pump is damaged, the plunger cannot be extended, the inclination angle of the swash plate of the variable mechanism is large, and it is stuck at the zero position, the oil viscosity is too high or the working temperature is too low.

Remedy: replace the central spring, repair the variable mechanism, make the swash plate inclination change flexibly, select the appropriate oil viscosity, and control the working oil temperature above 15 degrees Celsius.

3. Excessive noise

Cause analysis: The parts in the pump are seriously worn or damaged, the oil return pipe is exposed to the oil surface of the oil tank, the oil suction resistance is too large, and air enters the oil suction pipe.

Remedy: To repair or replace parts, the oil return pipe should be inserted 200mm below the oil level, increase the diameter of the oil suction pipe, apply butter to the pipe joint for inspection, and then re-tighten it to remove the air.

4. Variable mechanism failure

Cause analysis: The spool of the variable mechanism is stuck, the wear between the spool of the variable mechanism and the valve sleeve is serious or the covering amount is insufficient, the control oil circuit of the variable mechanism is blocked, the connection between the variable mechanism and the swash plate is severely worn, and the rotation fails.

Remedy: disassemble and clean, replace the valve core if necessary, and repair the relevant connecting parts.

5. Main wear parts

Cause analysis: After the plunger is worn, it forms a waist drum shape, the cylinder plunger hole, the end face of the cylinder block and the oil distribution plate contact, the end face of the oil distribution plate, and the friction surface of the swash plate and the sliding shoe.

Remedy: replace the plunger, finely grind and polish the end face based on the cylinder outer circle, the plunger hole can be repaired by honing, and the swash plate and oil distribution plate can be repaired by grinding on the flat plate

The wear surface, the roughness is not higher than 0.2um, and the flatness should be within
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