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Common faults and solutions of gear pump of single-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-11-03
Common faults and solutions of gear pump of single-column hydraulic press

1. Insufficient oil delivery.

Reason analysis: First, the oil suction pipe or oil filter is blocked, second, the oil viscosity is too large, third, the pump speed is too high, fourth, the end face clearance or circumferential clearance is too large, and the fifth is the relief valve

Solution: The steering of the motor driving the pump should meet the requirements to ensure that the oil suction pipe can enter the oil.

2. The pump does not pump oil

Cause analysis: The pump steering is wrong, the oil level is too low, and the oil filter is blocked.

Solution: Check the pump to make the oil delivery volume and matching clearance meet the specified requirements, check the relief valve and other components, and eliminate the leakage link.

3. Main wear parts

Reason analysis: tooth top and both sides, the suction chamber side of the pump inner wall, the end face of the side cover, the contact between the pump shaft and the needle roller. Oil viscosity, pump speed, oil suction height, etc. should be selected according to the regulations. In addition, the matching clearance of the pump should be checked, and the relief valve and other components should be checked.

Solution: replace with hydraulic oil with suitable viscosity, repair
Replicate relevant parts to reduce mechanical friction loss and improve the heat dissipation conditions of pumps and mailboxes.

Fourth, the pressure is not high

Reason analysis: The viscosity of the oil pump is too high or too low, the friction between the gears and side plates and other relative moving parts is severe, the volume of the mailbox is too small, and the heat dissipation of the pump is poor.

Solution: The oil filter of the single-arm hydraulic press pump station should be cleaned frequently, and the oil passing capacity should be twice the pump flow!

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