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Common failure causes of hydraulic gate shears and how to repair them

by:WORLD     2022-08-06

Hydraulic gate shearing machine is a kind of shearing machine. Because of its many advantages, it has been widely used now, but you may not know the reasons for some failures and maintenance methods of the shearing machine. So, today I will give you We will talk about the common failure causes of hydraulic gate shears and how to maintain them in detail, hoping to help everyone.

1. A full investigation of the fault site When a fault occurs, first of all, it is necessary to fully understand the circumstances under which the machine failure occurred, what phenomena occurred when it occurred, what measures did the operator take after the occurrence, and observe the various circuit boards. of the warning light. Then press the reset button of the system to see if the fault disappears. If the fault alarm disappears, this type of alarm is mostly a software fault.

2. Determine the gate type

When the shearing machine fails, the following methods can be used to comprehensively judge the failure.

(1) Intuitive method:

It is to use human senses to pay attention to the phenomenon when the fault occurs and to judge the possible parts of the fault. If there is any abnormal noise or spark, where is the scorched bit, and where is the abnormal heating phenomenon, then further observe the surface condition of each circuit board that may be faulty, such as whether there is any abnormality on the circuit board. Burnt, blackened, or cracked electronic components to further narrow the scope of inspection. This is the most basic and simplest method, but it requires machine tool maintenance personnel to have certain maintenance experience.

(2) In the event of a failure, the system parameters of the gate shearing machine should be checked in time:

The change of system parameters will directly affect the performance of the machine tool, and even cause the machine tool to fail, and the entire machine tool cannot work. The external interference may cause the change of individual parameters in the memory. It is heard that when the machine tool has some inexplicable faults, the parameters of the CNC system can be checked.

(3) Spare parts replacement method:

When the failure of the machine tool is analyzed and it is found that the circuit board may be faulty, the spare parts board can be used to replace it, and the faulty circuit board can be quickly determined. However, the following two points should be noted when using this method:

① Pay attention to the position of each adjustable switch on the circuit board. When changing the board, you should pay attention to make the setting state of the two circuit boards to be exchanged exactly the same, otherwise the system will be unstable or not in a good state, and even an alarm will appear. .

②After replacing some circuit boards (such as bending machines), it is necessary to reset or input the parameters and programs of the machine tool.

(4) Use the detection terminals on the circuit board:

There are detection terminals on the circuit board for measuring the circuit voltage and waveform, so as to determine whether this part of the circuit works normally during debugging and maintenance. However, when testing this part of the circuit, you should be familiar with the circuit principle and the logic relationship of the circuit. In the case of unfamiliar logical relationships, two identical circuit boards can be compared for detection, so as to find the fault of the circuit board.

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