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Classification of hydraulic system of hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-06
The hydraulic components of hydraulic presses can be divided into three categories: power components, control components and actuators. Although they are all hydraulic components, their own functions and requirements for installation and use are also different. Now they are introduced as follows:

1. What is a power element?

Power elements refer to different hydraulic pumps.

1. There are two structural types: gear oil pump and tandem pump (including external meshing and internal meshing).

2. Vane oil pump (including single-stage pump, variable pump, two-stage pump, and double pump).

3. Plunger oil pump is divided into axial plunger oil pump and radial plunger oil pump. Axial plunger pump has quantitative pump, variable pump, (variable pump is divided into manual variable and pressure compensation variable, variable, etc. ) is further divided into two oil distribution methods: end face oil distribution and valve oil distribution, and the oil distribution type of radial piston pump is basically valve oil distribution.

2. What are the control elements?

Different hydraulic valves are control elements.

1. Pressure control valve

(1) Pressure control valves include: relief valve, electromagnetic relief valve, unloading relief valve, one-way relief valve and pressure reducing valve, one-way pressure reducing valve, sequence valve and one-way sequence valve, etc.

(2) The range of sequence valves is further divided into seven types: direct control sequence valve, remote control sequence valve, unloading valve, direct control one-way sequence valve, remote control one-way sequence valve, direct control balance valve and remote control balance valve. There are also pressure relays and different pressure control valves, which are used in different hydraulic systems according to different operating conditions and characteristic requirements in different hydraulic transmission systems.

2. Directional control valve

Directional control valves include check valves, hydraulic check valves, electromagnetic reversing valves, electromagnetic ball valves, electromagnetic reversing valves, manual reversing valves, and manual rotary valves.

3. Flow control valve

Flow control valves include: throttle valve, one-way throttle valve, speed control valve, one-way speed control valve and stroke throttle valve, one-way stroke throttle valve, one-way stroke speed control valve, etc.

Three, there are several kinds of executive elements

The actuators are hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors.

1. Hydraulic cylinder

Vehicle oil cylinders, single-acting oil cylinders, hydraulic oil cylinders, swing oil cylinders, single-acting multi-stage oil cylinders (sleeve oil cylinders), double-acting multi-stage oil cylinders and spring return oil cylinders, etc.

2. Hydraulic motor

Hydraulic motors include gear motors, vane motors, plunger motors, etc., which means that the quantitative oil pump can theoretically function as a motor.

3. Low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor

(1) Internal meshing cycloid motor.

(2) Internal curve hydraulic motor, divided into two types: shaft rotation and shell rotation.

(3) Double disc axial piston motor.

(4) Radial piston hydraulic motor.

(5) Ball-plug low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor.

(6) Statically balanced low-speed, high-torque, low-hydraulic motor.

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