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Classification of control valves in four-column hydraulic presses

by:WORLD     2022-10-27
Classification of control valves in four-column hydraulic presses

In WORLD Press Machine, the control valve can be divided into three categories according to the purpose, pressure control valve, flow control valve and directional control valve.

The valve used to control and adjust the pressure of the liquid flow in the hydraulic system, or use the pressure control valve is called the pressure control valve. It can control the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press to maintain a constant state when it reaches the set pressure. It is the safety valve of the overflow valve for overload protection. It can effectively prevent the pressure from rising beyond the limit value when the four-column hydraulic press system fails, and the overflow will be opened to ensure safety; sequence The valve can make one actuator act and then actuate other actuators in sequence; the pressure reducing valve enables the hydraulic machine control branch circuit to obtain a stable pressure with low hydraulic pressure in the main circuit. The pressure reducing valve can be divided into fixed pressure according to different control pressure functions. value pressure valve, constant differential pressure valve and constant proportional pressure valve.

In the four-column hydraulic press, the flow control valve is used to adjust the flow rate by adjusting the throttle area between the valve core and the valve body and the generated local resistance, which adjusts the movement speed of the hydraulic press to control the actuator; the flow control valve is divided into a throttle valve. , speed control valve, diverter valve, collector valve and diverter collector valve, etc. After the throttle valve adjusts the orifice area, the movement speed of the actuator with little change in load pressure and low requirement for movement uniformity is basically maintained. Stable; when the load pressure of the four-column hydraulic press changes, it is the speed control valve that keeps the difference between the inlet and outlet of the throttle valve at a constant value. change, so that the movement of the components is stable; regardless of the size of the load, the diverter valve can make the two actuators of the same oil source of the hydraulic press get the same flow; The flow of the valve is distributed proportionally; the diverter-collector valve has both functions as a diverter valve and a collector valve.

The directional control valve is divided into one-way and reversing valve according to the purpose. It only allows the fluid to be connected in one direction in the pipeline, and the one that will be cut off in the reverse direction is the one-way valve; the reversing valve can change the on-off relationship between different pipelines. According to the working position of the spool of the four-column hydraulic press in the valve body, it is divided into two, three, etc.; according to the number of channels controlled by the hydraulic press, it is divided into two-way, three-way, four-way, five-way, etc.; , electric and hydraulic, etc.; in the four-column hydraulic press, the pressure control valve, the flow control valve and the directional control valve are combined with each other to form a compound valve, which reduces the pipeline connection, makes the structure more compact, and improves the system efficiency of the four-column hydraulic press. WORLD Press Machine official website, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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