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Can the backgauge of LFK ordinary bending machine be transformed into automatic calculation backgauge?

by:WORLD     2022-08-23

Can the backgauge of LFK ordinary bending machine be transformed into automatic calculation of backgauge? The world press machine is also very curious. Today, let’s take a look at it with you. First of all, let’s talk about the transformation of the R-axis of the backgauge on the CNC press brake and the Some troubleshooting of the back gauge equipment of the bending machine.

Secondly, the CNC bending machine increases the rear gauge R axis, and transforms the manual mechanism into a motor mechanism on the original back gauge of the equipment and connects it with a servo motor. The servo motor is used as a power source to drive the back gauge under the control of the numerical control system. Run up and down.

Other equipment failures

①The positioning of the back gauge is not accurate. The problem is mainly caused by the movement of the mechanical structure and the loss of control of the servo motor itself. According to the situation on site, the mechanical problem should be checked and eliminated first. If it is caused by the servo motor, the servo motor needs to be replaced.

②The size of the angle is inconsistent due to the non-parallel Y1 and Y2. The big possibility is that the reference point of the CNC system has moved or there is a problem with the grating ruler itself. It needs to be judged and dealt with on the spot. If it is caused by the grating scale, the grating scale needs to be replaced. The renovation was successfully completed and was well received by customers.

Can the backgauge of LFK ordinary bending machine be transformed into automatic calculation of backgauge? It is possible to replace the original ordinary stepping motor with servo drive and motor or encoder and inverter, and the CNC system NC60, DNC600S, DNC880S, new CT8, CT12 and ModEva PACDA41, DA52S, DA65We, DA56S, DA66T To control, so as to achieve the function of automatic calculation, provide back gauge accuracy, and improve work efficiency!

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