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Benefits of Using Servo Press 。


With the development of social economy and science and technology, servo technology has been more and more widely used in the field of At present, servo punch plays a more and more important role in precision manufacturing fields such as electronic products and automobiles Therefore, this kind of high precision equipment has good prospects for development. So, what kind of machine is servo press? Why do we use Electronic press when compared with medium voltage press? Here we make a brief introduction, hoping to let more people understand this new type of integrated composite, efficient, high-precision, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment.

The main points are as follows:
       The difference between Electronic press and
       Benefits of using a servo press
       The prospect of the servo punch

The difference between Electronic press and hydraulic press

       Servo press, also known as electronic press, differs from hydraulic press in the following aspects:

       (1) Driving modePrecision CNC electronic press is driven by servo motor and assembled with high precision ball screw. The pressure is directly converted from the toraue output of servo motor. The common hydraulic press is driven by oil pump, and the direction is changed by reversing valve. Then the pressure is operated by hydraulic cylinder, and its pressure is through oil pipe and pipeline. Valve body. there is a certain loss.

      (2) Energy saving and environmental protectionPrecision CNC electronic press adopts servo motor. In standby state, the motor does not rotate. In the process of pressing and assembling, the speed is changing, and the power is also changing. Common hydraulic press, the motor has been rotating in the standby process, need to consume a certain amount of electricity, while working at a constant speed to rotate, power consumption will be higher. Compared with servo motors, the noise of ordinarv motorsis also higher.

      (3) Accurate controlPrecision CNC electronic press, within a certain range, can arbitrarily set multi-stage travel speed, precise displacement stop, precise in place stop, precise pressure stop, etc. Ordinary hydraulic press is affected by pipeline, valve body and cylinder seal. It is impossible to have high precision control, and many of them are achieved by mechanical limitation. In order to achieve the precision of electronic printing control, the cost of equipment will be much higher than that of electronic printing press, and the control will be more complex.

Benefits of using a servo press
Compared with other press, what are the advantages of using servo press?
(1) Accurate closed-loop control of pressure and displacement can be achieved, which is more accurate than other types of press.
(2) Compared with the traditional pneumatic and hydraulic press. the energv-saving effect is better, the cost of use and maintenance is lower, and it can meet.all kinds of reguirements of dust-free workshop equipment.
(3) It can automatically determine whether the product is qualified at any stage of operation, thus eliminating the unqualified product perfectly.
(4) Isobaric assembly procedures can be customized and stored by oneself. The assembly methods are various and can meet the needs of different processes.

The prospect of the servo punch
       With the development of domestic related technology and competition with imported products, the market price will drop rapidly. Servo technology wil be more and more widely used in the field of forming eaquioment. It can be predicted that servo press will plav an increasinglv important role in some important.manufacturing fields, such as electronic products, automobiles and other precision manufacturing fields. It will gradually replace hydraulic presses, ordinary mechanical presses, mechanical pipe benders, screw presses and so on, and become a dark horse in the field of press

       I believe that after listening to our introduction, we must have a better understanding of servo press. Compared with traditional hydraulic system, servo.hydraulic system has better performance, so its appearance will inevitably lead to the revolution of mechanical pressure. If you want to buy high quality servo punch, please consider us, our company will provide you with the best performance servo press.

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