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Bending machine manufacturers introduce the use, performance and characteristics of bending machines

by:WORLD     2022-08-19

You may not know much about the bending machine, such as how to use the bending machine and its performance and characteristics. Next, let the bending machine manufacturer introduce it to you.

How to use the bending machine?

Regarding this question, the bending machine manufacturer gave the following answer:

(1) Turn on the power of the equipment, then turn on the key switch on the control panel, and then press the oil pump to start, but pay attention that the machine does not do any action at this time.

(2) Adjust the stroke of the bending machine, and conduct a test run before bending.

(3) When the upper die of the bending machine goes down to the bottom, there must be a gap of plate thickness to avoid damage to the machine equipment and die.

(4) Choose a good bending notch, generally choose a notch with a width of eight times the thickness of the plate.

(5) Adjust the back gauge in two ways: electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment.

(6) Step on the foot switch and let the bending machine start to bend. If the foot is released, the bending machine will stop bending.

The bending machine manufacturer tells you the performance and characteristics of the bending machine:

(1) The machine adopts the steel plate welded structure, and the stress is relieved by vibration aging.

(2) Hydraulic upper transmission, stepless pressure regulation, high quality imported sealing ring, stable and reliable.

(3) Mechanical synchronization, hydraulic bending machine manufacturer, upper and lower composite compensation structure, high precision.

(4) The positioning adjustment of the back gauge and the stroke adjustment of the slider are electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment, and the digital display of Shanghai stainless steel pipe fittings is adopted.

(5) It has jog, single and continuous operation specifications, and the pressure holding time can be controlled by a time relay.

(6) Equipped with safety fence and photoelectric rear protection safety device, which improves the safety of operation.

The above is the relevant introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the hydraulic bending machine.

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