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Before installing the hydraulic press, it is necessary to clean the inside and outside of the fuel tank

by:WORLD     2022-09-13
Before installing the hydraulic press, it is necessary to clean the inside and outside of the fuel tank

The serious oxidation of the oil in the hydraulic oil tank is related to the type of oil, the operating temperature, the rest time and the existence of the oxidation catalyst. Manufacturers can distinguish the degree of oxidation according to the color of the oil becomes darker, darker, the viscosity becomes thicker, the equipment has no pressure, and the hydraulic oil has a strong burnt smell. According to the oil type and viscosity, the operating temperature is 30~55℃. The rest time refers to: The rest time should not be too short, otherwise it will accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of the oil. Oil contamination in the oil tank of Shanghai Oil Compressor Oil contamination in the oil tank of Shanghai Oil Compressor includes invasion from the outside, internal occurrence, and residual during installation.

One: Remains such as paint peeling pieces, welding slag, etc. left during installation. Before installation, it is necessary to strictly clean the inner and outer surfaces of the fuel tank, and strictly remove the rust and oil stains, and then paint the inner wall of the fuel tank.

Two: At this time, the fuel tank should pay attention to the dust-proof seal when it is invaded by the outside world, and install an air filter on the top of the Shanghai hydraulic oil tank to communicate with the atmosphere, so that the air can be filtered before entering the fuel tank. The air filter often doubles as an oil filling port and is now sold as a standard part (EF type). It can be equipped with a copper mesh oil filter of about 100 meshes to filter the oil added to the fuel tank; it can also be filtered with a paper core, which has a better effect, but the ability to communicate with the atmosphere is poor, so the capacity of the paper core filter element should be large. In order to prevent the dirt that invades the oil tank from being sucked into the pump, a partition should be installed in the oil tank to separate the oil return area and the oil suction area. Through the partition, the rest time of the oil returning to the oil tank can be extended, which can avoid the oxidation and deterioration of the oil, and on the other hand, is also conducive to the deposition of dirt. The height of the partition is 3/4 of the height of the oil level. The bottom plate of the hydraulic brick oil tank should be inclined. The degree of inclination of the bottom plate depends on the size of the oil tank and the viscosity of the oil used. Generally, an oil drain plug is set at the lower part of the oil tank bottom plate to remove the dirt accumulated at the bottom of the oil tank. The distance between the oil suction pipe and the bottom of the floor should be more than 150 plus 10 to prevent dirt from being sucked.

Three: Reduce the occurrence of dirt in the system a. Avoid the occurrence of condensation in the fuel tank: It is necessary to select an air filter with a large enough capacity, so that the heated air at the top of the fuel tank can be discharged quickly and will not condense on the cold fuel tank cover. Water droplets fall into the fuel tank; on the other hand, the large-capacity air filter or vent can eliminate the difference between the space at the top of the fuel tank and the atmospheric pressure, and prevent dust from being brought in from the outside when the top layer is lower than the atmospheric pressure. b. Use lubricating oil with good anti-rust performance to reduce the occurrence of wear and rust.

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