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Application scope of four-column hydraulic press for automobile stamping parts

by:WORLD     2022-09-14
Four-column hydraulic presses, four-column hydraulic presses, and frame hydraulic presses occupy an important position in the automobile manufacturing industry. According to statistics, 60% to 80% of the parts on the car are produced by hydraulic press equipment. Therefore, the four-column hydraulic press has an important influence on the product quality, production efficiency and production cost of automobiles.

Because the four-column hydraulic press for automobile stamping parts has the characteristics of high production efficiency, good dimensional consistency, and low consumption of raw materials, many structural parts on the automobile are equipped with hydraulic press equipment. For example: inner and outer cover parts and frame parts of the body; longitudinal beams, beams and bumpers of the frame; spokes, retaining rings of wheels, etc.; radiator fins, cooling water pipes and water storage chambers, etc.; engine cylinders pads, oil pans and filters, etc.; brake parts, shock absorber parts, etc. on the chassis; seat frame, slide rails and recliners, etc.; side panels and bottom plates of the car box, etc.; locks and other accessories parts, etc.

These parts are produced by a four-column hydraulic press specially used for automobile stamping parts, which not only has good strength and rigidity, but also has a simple process, good dimensional consistency and low material consumption. Therefore, not only can the production efficiency be improved, but also the production cost can be reduced, enabling the rapid development of the automobile industry.

The advantages of using a four-column hydraulic press for stamping auto parts are:

First, the heat dissipation function is strong

The level of heat dissipation performance is very important for the machine. The heat dissipation of traditional Chinese stamping machines is very low, and it often occurs that the machine stops running due to excessive temperature during work. The heat dissipation system inside the four-column hydraulic press is very powerful, and the opening area of ​​the radiator is twice that of the traditional machine, and some hydraulic presses with better quality are even twice that of the traditional machine.

Second, save raw materials, high work efficiency

The rationality of the hydraulic system in the four-column hydraulic press for automobile stamping parts can directly determine the level of operating efficiency. The hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press is very advanced, which can improve work efficiency and effectively save raw materials. The design of traditional stamping machine tools is not very reasonable, and the waste of raw materials is very serious, while the four-column hydraulic press can use raw materials reasonably, thereby more than doubling the work efficiency.

Third, improve the performance of components

The performance of the components made by the four-column hydraulic press is very high, and its stiffness and strength meet the national regulations. That is, the components made by the hydraulic press can withstand enough loads without collapsing. Many components made by traditional technology cannot bear too much load, so the four-column hydraulic press can improve the performance of components.

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