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Application advantages and performance characteristics of shearing machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-20

The main function of the shearing machine is to process metal, so the shearing machine is widely used in the industrial field. The reason why the shearing machine can be widely used in the industrial field is because there are many application advantages of the shearing machine. Next, world press machine will briefly explain the application advantages of the shearing machine.

This article analyzes the advantages of hydraulic gate shears for you: hydraulic gate shears are very common in factories now, and hydraulic gate shears are the mainstream products in many series of shears. Generally speaking, The hydraulic gate shearing machine belongs to the second generation of hydraulic shearing machine, which has been greatly improved in technology and function, and has been widely welcomed by major enterprises since its inception.

Compared with the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine, the hydraulic gate shearing machine has the characteristics of high shearing precision, adjustable shearing angle and long service life of the cutting edge, so it is widely used. Compared with conventional products, hydraulic gate shears have three major features: use DTANG command to realize the display of shearing angle; realize the adjustment of knife edge gap and the difference compensation control of back gauge position; energy saving, noise reduction, and oil temperature control.

Compared with the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine, the hydraulic gate shearing machine is greatly improved from the shearing angle, the adjustment of the knife edge, the position control of the rear baffle and the driving technology of the main oil pump.

The hydraulic gate shearing machine realizes the adjustment of the shearing angle through the rapid adjustment of the oil volume in the upper and lower chambers of the two working cylinders. For thin plates, a smaller shearing angle can be used to speed up the shearing speed and reduce the bending of the plate; plate, a larger shear angle should be used. The signal of the shearing angle is collected from the linear displacement sensor. After analog-to-digital conversion is performed on the collected analog signal through the expansion module, it is converted into an angle value through the DTANG instruction and displayed on the touch screen.

At present, the conventional machine tool adopts the configuration of ordinary motor and quantitative pump. As long as the machine tool is started, the motor will always run at the rated speed, and the whole system will always be in the state of doing work, and the electric energy is converted into invalid heat energy, which directly leads to the high oil temperature of the balance chain machine tool. , loud noise, high power consumption.

According to the current domestic situation, hydraulic gate shears have become the mainstream products in the shearing machine market. Our company has been engaged in the production of hydraulic gate shears for many years, and is still in the process of continuous research and development during the production process. Innovation, can be customized according to the requirements of enterprises, welcome your visit!

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