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Analysis of the Causes of the Crawling Phenomenon of Hydraulic Presses

by:WORLD     2022-09-04

Hydraulic machine crawling is very harmful, it damages the working surface quality (roughness) and machining accuracy of hydraulic equipment, reduces the service life of hydraulic machine tools and tools, and even produces waste products and accidents, so it must be excluded.

The actuators (hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors) of hydraulic equipment often require very low speeds, such as moving a few millimeters per minute or even less than 1mm or rotating a few revolutions per minute. At this time, there is often obvious uneven speed, intermittent movement and stop, one fast and one slow, one jump and one stop. This phenomenon of hydraulic presses becomes crawling, that is, the problem of low speed stability. The minimum speed at which no creeping phenomenon occurs is called the critical speed of motion smoothness.

The same is crawling, and its fault phenomena are different: regular crawling, and irregular crawling; some crawling is irregular and has large amplitude; some crawling occurs at extremely low speed. The reasons for these different phenomena of crawling are different. Some are mainly due to mechanical reasons, some are mainly caused by hydraulic reasons, some are mainly caused by the entry of air into the oil, and some are mainly caused by poor lubrication. The main reason. In the maintenance and operation of hydraulic equipment of hydraulic presses, maintenance personnel must constantly summarize and summarize, quickly identify the reasons for crawling, and eliminate them. Solve the problem of hydraulic machine crawling from the following aspects. Focus on solving the friction state of moving parts and the balance of machine motion:


1) The accuracy of the guide rail is poor, and the guide rail surface (V-shaped, flat guide rail) is seriously twisted.

2) There are rust spots on the rail surface.

3) The guide rail pressure plate inserts are adjusted too tightly, and the dynamic and static friction coefficients of the guide rail pair materials are greatly different.

4) The guide rail is not well scraped, the number of points is not enough, and the points are uneven.

5) The oil groove opened on the guide rail is not good, the depth is too shallow, it has been worn off during operation, the oil groove opened is uneven, and the length of the oil groove is too short.

6) The hydraulic equipment of the new hydraulic press, the guide rails have not been run-in.

7) The axis line of the hydraulic cylinder on the hydraulic press is not parallel to the guide rail.

8) Corrosion of the arresting section (local section crawling) and strain in the cylinder bore of the hydraulic cylinder on the hydraulic press.

9) The hydraulic cylinder hole, piston rod and piston on the hydraulic press have poor accuracy.

10) The hydraulic cylinder and installation accuracy of the hydraulic press are poor, and the coaxiality of the piston, piston rod, cylinder hole and cylinder head hole is poor.

11) Hydraulic cylinder piston or cylinder head seal is too tight, blocked or too loose.

12) The downtime is too long, and the moisture in the oil (especially the grinder coolant) causes some parts to corrode.

13) The hydrostatic guide rail restrictor is blocked, and the guide rail is cut off from oil.

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