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Advantages of Shanghai Press

by:WORLD     2022-11-19
Advantages of Shanghai Press

1. High precision:

The high-precision characteristics of the press to achieve precise pressure and displacement closed-loop control are unmatched by other types of presses.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection:

Compared with traditional pneumatic and hydraulic presses, the energy saving effect is more than 80%, the use and maintenance costs are low, and it is more environmentally friendly and safe, and can meet the requirements of equipment use in dust-free workshops.

3. Online Quality Management:

The whole process control can automatically determine whether the product is qualified at any stage of the operation, and implement 100% removal of defective products, thereby realizing online quality management.

4. Retain pressing data:

The dynamic curve graph of the change relationship of the pressing data in the whole process of time, pressing force and displacement is displayed on the touch screen of the human-machine interface in real time, and can be queried, extracted and printed for product analysis. The pressure value required at different positions; the system has the ability to store 200,000+ pieces of production report data, and directly output to the host computer in EXCEL format for query; through the USB interface, the pressing data can be stored in the flash memory In the disk, the traceability of product processing data is ensured, which is convenient for production quality control management.

5. Store the pressing procedure:

It can customize, store, and call 100 sets of press-fitting programs. You only need to enter the press-fitting serial number for the next operation, saving time, effort, and improving efficiency; seven press-fitting modes are available to choose from to meet different process needs.

7. Precise control functions:

Since the press itself has precise pressure and displacement control functions, there is no need to add a hard limit to the tooling. When processing products of different specifications, it is only necessary to call different press-fitting programs, so one machine can be easily multi-purpose and flexible assembly line.

8. Alarm system:

When the actual pressing data does not match the set parameter range value, the system will automatically sound and color alarm and prompt the cause of the alarm, so as to find out the problem of the product in time, quickly and intuitively;

9. Password protection: changing the pressing program requires authorization before operation, which is more secure.

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