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Advantages of precision control of hydraulic presses

by:WORLD     2022-11-26
Advantages of precision control of hydraulic presses

As a new type of mechatronics product, hydraulic press has been favored and recognized by more and more enterprises because of its energy saving, low noise, good environment, low maintenance cost, excellent controllability and stability. What are the specific advantages of hydraulic press precision control?

1. Less heat and low cost

The hydraulic oil consumed by the hydraulic press is generally only about 50% of that of the traditional hydraulic press.

2. High degree of automation, good flexibility and high precision

The pressure, speed and position of the hydraulic press are fully closed-loop digital control, with a high degree of automation and good precision. In addition, its pressure and speed are programmable to meet various technological needs, and remote automatic control can also be realized.

3. Energy-saving hydraulic press

Compared with traditional hydraulic presses, electricity can be saved by 30% to 70%.

4. Low noise

The noise of hydraulic press is generally less than 70dB, while the noise of traditional hydraulic press is 83dB~90dB.

5. High efficiency

The speed of the hydraulic press can be greatly increased, and the working cycle is several times higher than that of the traditional hydraulic press, which can reach 10/min~15/min.

6. Easy maintenance

The cleanliness requirements for hydraulic oil are far less than that of hydraulic proportional systems, which reduces the impact of hydraulic oil pollution on the system.

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