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Advantages of hydraulic press equipment

by:WORLD     2022-11-25
Advantages of hydraulic press equipment:

1. Energy saving: The equipment is controlled by a hydraulic control system, which saves about 70% of electricity compared with conventional hydraulic machines, and the theoretical electricity consumption per hour is about<=2.1kwh;

2. Environmental protection: This equipment has the characteristics of low noise and low oil temperature; the theoretical noise value of equipment standby is 40-50 decibels; the theoretical noise value of equipment operation is 60-70 decibels; factors, etc.) This equipment has the functions of automatic oil temperature detection and automatic cooling. The system can automatically open or close the air cooling system according to the real-time oil temperature, which not only ensures energy saving, but also effectively cools the hydraulic oil, thereby greatly improving the hydraulic system. Service life of seals.

3: High precision: This equipment adopts a dual system of motor and pump, and adopts the most high-end small PLC with Ethernet communication from Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation to control the overall operation logic and data acquisition of the equipment, which can be adjusted according to the actual requirements of product press-fitting and shaping Pressing force, stroke and pressing speed, the repeatability of equipment pressure can be optimally controlled within 1%, and the repeatability of equipment heavy-load position is within ±0.05mm;

4: High efficiency:

The rapid pressing speed of this equipment is 175mm/s (speed is adjustable), the working speed is 5-20mm/s (speed is adjustable); the return speed is 150mm/s (speed is adjustable); according to the setting mode Different, the fastest 2.5S can complete a press-fitting work cycle;

5: Low failure rate:

In terms of hardware, all parts of this equipment are made of well-known brand products, the hydraulic seals are made of NOK from Japan, the main low-voltage electrical products are made of Schneider or Omron, the PLC controller is made of Japan's Mitsubishi, the main valve parts are made of Taiwan North Seiki, and the encoder is made of Omron. and many more;

In terms of software, this equipment is aimed at hydraulic equipment that is prone to high temperature due to the high working intensity of hydraulic oil (the biggest cause of failure in the hydraulic system), which is easy to cause damage to the seals in the hydraulic system components, resulting in hydraulic equipment prone to oil leakage and other phenomena. The oil will also accelerate the deterioration of the hydraulic oil. The replacement cycle of the hydraulic oil is short, and the production cost is increased. A lot of optimization work has been carried out; the new oil temperature detection and control system can stably control the hydraulic oil temperature within a safe range.

6: safety;

This equipment strictly complies with safety standards. In addition to the two-hand start, equipment emergency stop device and safety protection grating, we also redefine safety in the program. When the equipment is started, the operator's hands must simultaneously press the operation button within the specified time. , otherwise it will be regarded as a misoperation and the device cannot be started; it avoids the hidden safety hazard behavior of the button being locked by the operator to improve efficiency; the device can press the emergency button in an emergency, and the device will immediately stop running and alarm ; The safety protection grating monitors the protection area in real time during the operation of the equipment, forming an invisible safety door. If human hands invade the area, the equipment will immediately stop running and alarm, which greatly improves the personal safety of operators. This article is from the official website of the manufacturer WORLD Press Machine, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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