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Advantages of hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-12-02
Advantages of hydraulic press

1. Less heat, lower refrigeration cost and hydraulic oil cost: the hydraulic system of the driving hydraulic press has no overflow and heat generation, and there is no flow when the slider is stationary, so there is no hydraulic resistance to heat up, and the heat generation of the hydraulic system is generally 10% of that of the traditional hydraulic press. ~30%, due to the characteristics of zero speed and low heat generation of the pump most of the time, the oil tank for controlling the hydraulic press can be smaller than the traditional hydraulic oil tank, and the oil change time can be extended, so the hydraulic oil consumed by the driving hydraulic press is generally only 50% of the traditional hydraulic press. about.

2. High efficiency of hydraulic press: through proper acceleration and deceleration control and energy optimization, the speed of controlling hydraulic press can be greatly improved, and the working rhythm is several times higher than that of traditional hydraulic press, which can reach 10/min ~ 15/min.

3. High degree of automation, good flexibility and high precision: the pressure, speed and position of the driving hydraulic press are fully closed-loop digital control, with high degree of automation and good precision. In addition, its pressure and speed are programmable to meet various technological needs.

4. Low noise: The internal gear pump is generally used to drive the hydraulic oil pump, and the axial piston pump is generally used for the traditional hydraulic press. After testing and calculation, under normal working conditions, the noise generated by 10 hydraulic presses is higher than that of an ordinary hydraulic press of the same specification. The noise generated is even lower.

5. Energy saving and emission reduction: hydraulic and electronic control adopts intelligent energy-saving system, which saves electricity by 50%-70%.

6. Precision: Each machine is equipped with infrared safety grating to effectively protect the operator, and intelligent patent control ensures that the repeatability of the machine can reach ±0.03mm, and the pressure error is ±1%.

7. Stable and durable: The frame adopts the frame structure of the whole machine, and the slider adopts the precision guide rail to guide the operation, which has strong shock resistance and resistance to lateral pressure. The whole machine is stable, precise and durable, and is suitable for blanking, forming, extrusion and other processes.
artistic use.

8. Low failure rate: The intelligent patent control system does not do wasted work, the oil temperature is not easy to rise, and there is no negative pressure in the oil circuit system, which greatly reduces the failure and prolongs the service life of hydraulic components.
With automatic fault alarm and one-key reset function.

9. Convenient maintenance: The hydraulic system is greatly simplified due to the cancellation of the proportional hydraulic valve, the speed regulating circuit and the pressure regulating circuit in the hydraulic system. The cleanliness requirements for hydraulic oil are far less than that of hydraulic proportional systems, which reduces the impact of hydraulic oil pollution on the system. This article comes from the hydraulic manufacturer WORLD Press Machine official website, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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