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Advantages of four-column hydraulic press hydraulic transmission

by:WORLD     2022-10-16

Advantages of four-column hydraulic press hydraulic transmission

1. The arrangement of hydraulic components is not limited by strict spatial position. Each part of the system is connected by pipes, which has great flexibility in layout and installation, and can form complex systems that are difficult to form by other methods.

2. The hydraulic transmission realizes a wide range of stepless speed regulation during operation, and the speed regulation range can reach 2000:1

3. Hydraulic transmission and hydraulic-pneumatic linkage transmission movement is uniform and stable, and it is easy to realize quick start, braking and frequent reversing.

4. The operation control is convenient and labor-saving, and it is easy to realize automatic control, medium and long-distance distance control and overload protection. Electric control and electronic control are combined to realize automatic working cycle and automatic overload protection.

5. Hydraulic components belong to the basic parts of the machinery industry, with a high degree of standardization, serialization and generalization, which is conducive to shortening the design and manufacturing cycle of the machine and reducing the manufacturing cost. This article is from the official website of the manufacturer WORLD Press Machine, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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