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Advantages and prices of hydraulic pendulum shears

by:WORLD     2022-08-09

Hydraulic pendulum shears do arc motion, and it is quite difficult to use arc blades to make them. Generally, they are compensated with horns after the blades, so the obtained gap is not accurate, and the cut sheet is not very ideal. The following The world press machine will introduce its related knowledge to you.

Advantages of hydraulic pendulum shears:

1. Hydraulic transmission, swinging tool rest, the overall welding of the frame is sturdy and durable, and the return stroke of the accumulator cylinder is stable and fast.

2. It has the function of stepless adjustment of the stroke. The upper knife has two blades and the lower knife has four blades. The gap between the upper and lower blades is adjusted by the handle, and the uniformity of the blade gap is easy to adjust.

3. The protective grille and electrical interlock ensure safe operation.

4. The press plate of the machine tool adopts an independent hydraulic press, and each press has a plastic foot at the end.

5. CNC system for shearing machine for back gauge. The number of cuts has a digital display device.

6. The rolling support device can not only reduce the frictional resistance, but also ensure that the surface of the workpiece is not scratched.

7. All-steel welded structure, vibration to eliminate stress, high strength and good rigidity.

8. Hydraulic upper transmission type, stable and reliable.

The price of hydraulic pendulum shears:

What is the price of the shearing machine, and what determines it? It is always the focus of people, because when consumers buy products, they blurt out 'how much is this equipment'. Generally, they will consider whether to continue to understand the equipment according to the quotation. . We all know that the price of a thing is not set casually, and the manufacturer has to decide according to various factors. What are the specific factors that affect the price of hydraulic pendulum shears? Let's take a look at the specific factors together with world press machine.

1. Different tonnage, different price

The tonnage of the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine is different. The larger the tonnage, the higher the work efficiency and the higher the price. Conversely, the smaller the tonnage, the lower the price.

2. Different models, different prices

The same is a type of product. In order to meet the requirements of different customers, manufacturers will manufacture various types of products. Some special types of products will be more expensive. Ordinary models of products, the price is generally about the same.

3, different manufacturers, different prices

Some manufacturers are relatively large, and the products they produce are of excellent quality and good reputation, and the prices are generally slightly higher. Small factories and small workshops produce products at lower prices. Because both production costs and labor costs will be lower, the price of equipment will also be lower.

4. The influence of supply and demand

If there is an oversupply of a product for a period of time, the price will be lower; when there is a shortage of a product, the price will be higher.

The above is the relevant introduction. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the advantages and prices of the pendulum shearing machine.

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