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A well-designed four-column hydraulic press can save material costs

by:WORLD     2022-08-30
The four-column hydraulic press has a good heat dissipation system and is equipped with a radiator. If it is a four-column hydraulic press of better quality, its heat dissipation area can be twice that of a traditional machine, so the equipment will not stop running due to excessive local temperature.

Whether the hydraulic system in the hydraulic press is reasonable or not will affect the working efficiency and work efficiency of the hydraulic press. The hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press is reasonably designed, which can save material costs.

According to the relevant regulations, the components used in the four-column hydraulic press are strong and strong, and these components have good performance so that they can withstand the load without damage. Four-column hydraulic presses are hydraulic presses that enhance component performance to provide good performance.

1. Determine the power loss and temperature rise of the four-column hydraulic system: If the loss is large and the temperature rises, it will affect the normal operation of the system. The cause should be analyzed and measures taken to resolve the problem.

2. The four-column hydraulic press can detect the adjustability of force, speed and stroke as well as operational reliability. If a problem is found, it should be corrected.

3. For the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic system, the working parameters of each working cycle and the various actions that make up the cycle, such as force, acceleration, the start and end points of the stroke, the time of each action, and the total time of the entire cycle. Adjusting to the correct value allows the system to obtain correct and reliable duty cycles.

4. Text records of the operation and commissioning of the four-column hydraulic press: After approval, the equipment technical documents will serve as the original technical basis for equipment maintenance, which plays a very important role in the fault diagnosis of the four-column hydraulic press.

Personnel who do not understand the structural performance or operating procedures of the four-column hydraulic press shall not start the machine without authorization; during the operation of the four-column hydraulic press, it shall not be checked and adjusted; when the four-column hydraulic press finds serious oil leakage or other abnormal conditions (such as unreliable operation, noise, vibration), while waiting), stop the cause analysis, try to eliminate the cause, do not put the disease into production:

Do not overload or exceed the eccentricity of the four-column hydraulic press: do not exceed the stroke of the slide. The clamping height shall not be less than 600mm. The grounding of the electrical equipment of the four-column hydraulic press is firm and reliable: end the work: put the slider of the four-column hydraulic press in a lower position.

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