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What are the Parts of a Power Press Machine?


Power Press Machine is an indispensable tool when working with metal sheets in the process of shaping, cutting, pressing and molding them into different forms and dimensions. These machines are pretty helpful in many processes in different industries. Today, we’ll discuss the press machine parts one by one.


The heart of the power press machine is its motor. A power converter is an electrical component that converts the flow of electric energy into mechanical motion to make a machine operate. Its parameters are defined based on desirable output to enable the motor to cope with the load and operate at necessary speeds for power presses.


Bearings are important mechanical parts that support the moving components of a machine, such as flywheel and crankshaft. This will allow the moving components to turn more freely with less friction. Bearings’ quality and how they are maintained affect the efficiency, and lifespan of a power press machine.


The flywheel stores energy. During low-demand periods, it conserves mechanical energy; during times of increased demands, such as when pressing, it releases this. These press machine parts conserves energy and ensures a steady pace throughout the operation.


A clutch is a mechanism that enables an operator to control whether he engages or disengages a given power press machine’s flywheel and crankshaft. It governs the movement of the press and is an essential factor for initiating or discontinuing the operation of the pressing.


Using the crankshaft, the motor's rotating motion is transformed into the ram's reciprocating action. These press machine parts can withstand the high pressures and loads generated by pressing processes.


Simply put, the frame is the power press machine's skeleton. It holds everything together and can handle the pressures of operation. The ability of the machine to withstand heavy-duty activities without deforming is determined by how sturdy the frame is.


The gib helps keep the slide or ram in its proper place. This is crucial for the press operation's precision because it keeps the ram from swaying laterally as it proceeds in a straight vertical line.

Slide or Ram

The machine's ram, often called the slide, applies pressure on the workpiece. It raises and lowers with the crankshaft, applying force to the workpiece as it goes.


This thick steel plate, among other power press components, is called a bolster and is used to support the workpiece or die. It is usually fastened to the press bed and has to be sturdy enough to endure the pressures used when pressing.


The bolster is attached to the bed as its foundation. It keeps the machine from moving about as it works and adds stability. To further guarantee accurate functioning, the bed must also line the bolster with the ram.


One may lay the groundwork for the power press machine at its base. Bolted to the floor, it supports the whole structure and keeps the machine from moving while it's running.

Adjusting Screw

You may modify the ram's stroke length with the help of the adjustable screw. The press's depth and the material's thickness may be controlled precisely in this way.


Connecting the crankshaft to the ram is the pitman, sometimes called a connecting rod. The pressing action is made possible by the transmission of motion and force from the crankshaft to the ram.

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Since its founding in 1953, Yingxin World Machinery has been producing power press machines and power press components, and the company is celebrating 65 years of committed expertise. More than a hundred seasoned engineers are driving innovation across three R&D facilities in Shanghai, their plant, and Ningbo, demonstrating the company's dedication to excellence via its enormous investment in R&D.


The fact that Yingxin precisely manufactures 80% of its components in-house is a point of great pride for the company. Our dedication to becoming self-sufficient guarantees unmatched quality control and trouble-free service in the future. Modern manufacturing facilities stocked with a wide array of cutting-edge equipment are the company's claim to fame.


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