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What causes the oil trapping phenomenon of the four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-11-16
In order to ensure the smooth transmission of the four-column hydraulic press and the reliable sealing of the oil inlet and discharge chambers, the overlap coefficient of the gears is required to be>1. In this way, when the gears of the four-column hydraulic press rotate, before the first pair of gears are disengaged, the latter pair of gears begin to mesh. During this short period of time, two pairs of teeth mesh at the same time, forming a closed space between them. , called the dead volume. With the rotation of the gears, the dead volume is changed, the first pair of gears have not yet disengaged from meshing, and the next pair of teeth begin to enter the meshing position, that is, the dead volume is formed. With the rotation of the four-column hydraulic press gear, the dead volume gradually decreases, the meshing point is at the symmetrical position on both sides of the node, and the dead volume is the smallest. During this process, the trapped oil is squeezed, so that the pressure rises sharply, and the oil is forcibly squeezed out of the gap, causing the gear bearing to be subjected to a large radial force and generating noise and vibration. When the gears continue to rotate, the dead volume gradually increases until the previous pair of gears increases to the maximum when the gears are about to be disengaged.

Due to the change of the closed dead volume of the four-column hydraulic press, the phenomenon that the liquid pressure rises and falls sharply is called the phenomenon of trapped oil. The phenomenon of trapped oil makes the gear pump generate noise when working, reduces the volumetric efficiency, and affects the working stability and life of the gear pump.

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