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What about WORLD production equipment?
As technology, engineering, and manufacturing trends change every day, this drives WORLD to update ourselves in many aspects including investing in the introduction of top-of-the-line equipment. Our production equipment features high automation and fast working speed, which can help to save production time and improve production precision. Additionally, the utilization of old equipment, even when well maintained, may cause certain safety risks. Purchasing new equipment can keep the workplace safe and sound. More importantly, it can make us compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Shanghai Yingxin World Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing various export-oriented bending machine products. According to the material, Yingxin's products are divided into several categories, and h frame press is one of them. No other similar hydraulic shearing machine has been able to equal its hydraulic metal shear. Its welded steel body can withstand heavy industrial use. Yingxin's products, solutions and services are both competitive and secure. Its pressure, speed, and operation mode can be adjusted based on needs.

We are committed to a sustainable development of our WORLD brand. Inquiry!
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