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Requirements for oil filter of hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-22
There are many types of oil filters for hydraulic presses, and the basic requirements for them are: when selecting oil filters for general hydraulic systems, it should be considered that the particle size of impurities in the oil should be smaller than the gap size of hydraulic components: for follow-up hydraulic systems, it should be Choose an oil filter with high filtration accuracy. The general requirements for oil filters are as follows:

(1) It has sufficient filtration accuracy, that is, it can block impurity particles of a certain size.

(2) Good oil-passing performance. That is, when the oil passes through, under the condition of a certain pressure drop, the amount of oil passing through the unit filter area should be large, and the filter screen installed at the suction port of the hydraulic pump should generally have a filtering capacity of more than 2 times the capacity of the hydraulic pump.

(3) The filter material should have a certain mechanical strength, so as not to be damaged by the pressure of the oil.

(4) At a certain temperature, it should have good corrosion resistance and sufficient life.

(5) It is convenient to clean and maintain, and it is easy to replace the filter material.

In addition, the requirements for the filtration accuracy of the oil are related to the pressure of the system

Basic requirements for hydraulic press filters

The filter is composed of a filter element and a bright body. The filter relies on the tiny gaps or holes on the filter element to block the impurities in the mixed oil. The basic requirements for filters are as follows.

1. Meet the requirements of hydraulic system for filtration accuracy

The filtration accuracy of the filter refers to the size of the smallest impurity particle size that the filter element can filter out when the oil passes through the filter, expressed by the nominal size of its diameter d. Generally used filters are divided into 4 categories: coarse filter (d~0.1mm), ordinary filter (from 0.01-0.1mm), precision filter (d=0.005-0.01mm), extra precision filter (d=0.001 -0.005mm).

2. Meet the requirements of hydraulic system for filtration capacity

The filtration capacity of the filter refers to the maximum flow rate allowed to pass through the filter under the action of a constant pressure difference, which is generally expressed by the effective oil filtering area of ​​the filter.

3. The hydraulic filter should have a certain mechanical strength

The material used in the manufacture of the filter should ensure that it will not be damaged by the action of hydraulic pressure under a certain working pressure.

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