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Four-column hydraulic press hydraulic system booster cylinder introduction

by:WORLD     2022-10-15
Shanghai hydraulic press manufacturers specialize in the production of four-column hydraulic presses, three-beam four-column hydraulic presses, four-column hydraulic presses, small hydraulic presses, 100-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 200-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 300-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 10-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 20-ton four-column hydraulic presses, and 60-ton four-column hydraulic presses. equipment. Today, Shanghai WORLD Press Machine will talk to you about the knowledge of the booster cylinder of the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press.

The booster cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press is improved by combining the advantages of the cylinder and the oil cylinder. The hydraulic oil is strictly isolated from the compressed air. Simple, easy to adjust the output, can reach the high output of the hydraulic press under the same conditions, low energy consumption, soft landing does not damage the mold, the installation is simple, and the booster cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press can be installed at any point of view in 360 degrees, occupying a small space, and has problems Less trouble of temperature rise, long life, low noise, and other core features.

The principle of the booster cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press

The booster cylinder selected by the four-column hydraulic press manufacturer is a hydraulic component that can change the input pressure and output at a higher pressure. The booster cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press is an integrated combination of a hydraulic cylinder and a booster, and works by using the ratio of the different pressure cross-sectional areas of the booster and the principle of Pascal's power conservation. Because the pressure remains unchanged, when the pressure area changes from large to small, the pressure will also change with the size, and then the pressure effect of increasing the air pressure to dozens of times is achieved. For example: when the working air pressure is on the surface of the hydraulic oil (or piston), the hydraulic oil will compress the air and flow to the pre-pressing stroke chamber. At this moment, the hydraulic oil will quickly push the type of parts to make displacement. When the working displacement encounters resistance greater than the air pressure pressure When the cylinder stops working, at this moment, the pressurizing chamber of the pressurizing cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press starts to pressurize and then reaches the purpose of forming the product due to the action of the electric signal (or the pneumatic signal).

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